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Spring onions, on the other hand, look like scallions, but you’ll notice that they have small white onion bulbs at the base. Allium cepa ‘White Lisbon’ is a bunching onion that produces small onions that are mild and crisp. A good onion for pickling. This variety is hardy and reliable and has long white stems with bright green tops. It is quick and easy to grow and can be grown succession ally. They have very shallow roots, so they are perfect for container growing.

洋葱为百合科葱属多年生草本植物。看起来与香葱相似,但您会注意到它们的根部有小洋葱鳞茎。洋葱属cepa“白色里斯本”是鳞茎密集聚生,分蘖性强,可产生温和而脆的小洋葱。叶子圆筒形,中间空,脆弱易折,呈青色。它快速且容易生长,并且可以连续生长。 它们的根很浅,因此非常适合容器生长。但喜肥,适于在肥沃疏松、保水保肥力强的土壤中生长。


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