Tomato Tropic



Intermediate growth, medium sized tasty fruits.

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The most commonly used tropical variety, especially bred for the humid, very productive. A smooth skinned globe-shaped tomato of medium size, up to 120 – 150gms. Solid, fleshy and resistant to multiple diseases. Plant needs staking.

SOWING: Sow direct 3 to 4 seeds at about 50cm spacing and at the depth of 5mm. Cover with Seed & Potting Mix. Thin out to 1 or 2 plants per spacing. Tomatoes can also be sown in Jiffy Pellets. When the roots of the plant start to emerge through the Jiffy pellet, place the whole Jiffy and plant, into its permanent position.

番茄属茄科,植株高性生长強健,适於栽培在热带地区。果实近球形,果硬、果面平滑,耐病毒,产量丰多,品质风味甜美,果重约120 – 150公克左右。成长期间需立架扶持。

HINT: Indeterminate Continual growth and development. Plant keeps on flowering and setting fruit even after the first (fruit) set is harvested.