Easy to grow, watercress sprouts should become one of the mainstays of your micro-green garden! Start this sprouting seed today!

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Low growing and trailing European perennial Nasturtium officinale, a member of the Mustard Family. Easy to grow, grows well in wet soil.  Little, dark-green leaves a delicious pungent flavour with dense whorls small racemes of whitish flowers, grow on crisp stems that come from thick, long roots. High vitamin rich, it makes a tasty and nutritious. Watercress is particularly valued in Chinese cooking as it has ‘cool’ properties, and promotes vital fluids which help
moisturise the lungs and alleviate coughs. Classic Chinese soup, Watercress and honey dates with Pork Ribs – xī yáng cài tang 西洋菜汤 in Mandarin. An appetizing salads green, broth cream soup, useful for garnishing meats.

TIPS: Place pots on a tray that can be filled with water, to provide constant moisture to the roots.Once flowering is underway, the leaves of watercress become bitter.


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